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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the daily quotes ?

I have created a list of Inspirational, Motivational, and Humorous quotes from various authors. Every day a random quote is chosen from this list and it is sent to each subscriber. Subscribers may choose to receive them via Email and/or Text (to your mobile phone). Emails are sent once per day to all Email Subscribers. For those wishing to receive the quote via text message, the subscriber can specify what hour of the day they would like the quote to be sent to them. Most subscribers receive the text message within a few minutes of their specified hour. However, like most things in life, there are no guarantees. There are many things that happen along the way that can delay when the text will be delivered. All of them outside of our control. So my suggestion is that you never use this service as an alarm clock - there is a chance you will miss your appointment!

Does this cost anything ?

No, not us. The only possible costs would come from your mobile phone carrier. If you have a phone plan that charges for text messages then your normal charges would apply. (And if that is the case - chances are you are over paying for your service. Seriously.)

Do you support texts to International (non-USA) phone numbers ?

Currently we are not able to support texting to phone numbers outside of the USA. Sorry.

Do you make money from this ?

Yeah - In my dreams!

Will there be an IPO ?

What's an IPO ?

What happens if I reply to the Text messages ?

After the initial registration and set up - nothing happens with them. They go off into the wild blue yonder of the internet.


How do I sign up ?

Recipients need to Sign Up (subscribe) here: Subscribe. You will need to provide some basic information, review the Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms of Service.

How do they appear on my phone ?

The daily text messages will come from "johnny63@p3plcpnl05043.prod.phx..." and will have a title of "A Daily Text" or "Johnny Capri's Message of the Day!" followed by the quote text.

How do I make them stop ?

Use Unsubscribe.

How do I suggest a quote to be added to your list ?

Use the Contact Us icon and include your quote suggestion in the message. We will review it and if it meets our rigorous criteria then we will add it to the list. Don't expect any payment or attribution. :>)

This is not 1999, why Texts ?

I guess I'm old school. Sure, there are many other apps and tools out there that could do a similar thing, but I liked the idea of a simple message that comes to my phone, one that I didn't need to seek out. The messages just appear and I can pick up my phone and read them and think deep thoughts.

I have ATT, why do my Text Messages arrive late ?

We don't know at this time. We've seen this from other ATT users and have read on the Google that it may have to do with how ATT prioritizes email to Text messages. It seems to be sporadic which makes it difficult for them to debug. We will continue to see if there is anything we can to do improve the delivery.

Why are you doing this ?

For a couple of reasons. 1.) I enjoy the technical (dweeby) programming part of this project. and B.) I enjoy getting the daily quotes for inspiration and thought that other people may like to receive them too!

Still have questions ?

Feel free to Contact Us